A Minnesota Commercial Feed License is required before a person may:

  1. manufacture a commercial feed in Minnesota;
  2. distribute a commercial feed in or into the state; or
  3. have the person's name appear on the label of a commercial feed as guarantor.  

Who Needs a Commercial Feed License?

  • Anyone in Minnesota who is making animal feed they intend to distribute to others.  If you are only making animal feed for personal use a license is not required. 
  • Anyone inside or outside of Minnesota who distributes animal feed to others in Minnesota. Retail-only locations do not need a license.
  • Anyone inside or outside of Minnesota who has their name and address on the label of an animal feed product distributed in Minnesota.
  • Feed licenses are unique to each location. If you open a second qualifying location, you would need a second license.

How Long Does a Commercial Feed License Last?

  • You must get a feed license before doing any of the above activities.
  • A feed license is valid from January 1 to December 31 and must be renewed annually in order to continue any of the above activities.

How Much Does a Commercial Feed License Cost?

  • A feed license costs $75.OO. 
  • There is a $100.00 penalty fee for anyone who fails to get a license or renews after the December 31 deadline.

How Do I Get a Commercial Feed License?

What is a Tonnage Fee?

  • Tonnage fees must be paid annually for all animal feed, feed ingredient, and feed additives manufactured in Minnesota.
  • The tonnage fee is 16 cents/ton or $75.00 (whichever is greater) and is due by January 31.
  • Pet and specialty pet food sold exclusively in packages of 10 lbs. or less is exempt from tonnage fees. These products must instead be registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture on an annual basis. See the Pet Food unit page for more details on product registration.

Minnesota's Commercial Feed law applies to all commercial manufacturing and distribution activities involving feed, feed ingredients and feed additives for all animals, including livestock, aquaculture, pets and specialty pets. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Commercial Feed Program licenses persons manufacturing and/or distributing commercial feed in or into the state of Minnesota, processes inspection fees (tonnage fees) and registers small package pet and specialty pet food products.

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2020 Commercial Feed Tonnage Fee Exemption Permit Holders

Company City State License #
BJB LLC DBA Agri Trading Hutchinson MN 20085128
CHS Inc Inver Grove Heights MN 20121094
Gavilon Ingredients Omaha NE 20151988
Key Ingredients Inc Plymouth MN 20046126
Land O Lakes Inc dba Melrose Dairy Proteins Shoreview MN 20181275
Loyal Ingredients LLC Madison WI 20167998
Midwest AG Supplements LLC Marshall MN 20127513
Midwest Livestock Service LTD Larchwood IA 20110235
Network Trading LLC Nerstrand MN 20192044
North Central Companies Inc Minnetonka MN 20049670
Northwest Grain International, LLC Minneapolis MN 20126511
Northwest Protein LLC Edina MN 20170559
Origination LLC Maplewood MN 20047402
Purina Animal Nutrition LLC Shoreview MN 20141129
RPMG Shakopee MN 20105613
Stone Arch Commodities Minneapolis MN 20182335
Superior Feed Ingredients LLC Waconia MN 20104143
Vita Plus Corporation Madison WI 20041859

The inspection fee exemption list is subject to change.

Inspection fees owed to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) on product tons distributed to the entities listed will be paid by the purchaser, not the supplier. A supplier can confirm a purchaser's fee exemption status by requesting a copy of their exemption permit. Exemption permits are location/license specific.

Minnesota county map showing feed inspector territories specified in the text on this page.