Product Registration Overview

Upon receiving a completed new product registration packet for an EPA registered product, the information is processed in four primary steps:

  1. The application and payment are received by the MDA’s Finance and Budget Division.
  2. The application and payment are checked for accuracy by the MDA’s Pesticide and Fertilizer Management Division.
  3. Registrations are screened for products containing new active ingredients and for new crop uses for old active ingredients. If applicable, the products undergo a new active ingredient and new use special registration review.
  4. Product category and unique Minnesota product number are assigned. Certificate of registration is mailed or emailed to the registrant.

The time to process an application varies from approximately two to four weeks once the payment has been processed. The real-time registration status of a pesticide in Minnesota can easily be checked by visiting the Registered Product Search page.

Maintaining a Product Registration

Once a pesticide product has been registered with the State of Minnesota, there are several steps that must be taken by the registrant to maintain the product’s registration status.

  1. Record Keeping: All sales and distribution records for pesticides registered in the State of Minnesota must be maintained by the registrant for five years. For more information see the Pesticide Control Statute.
  2. Annual Sales Reporting and Fees: Annual sales fees for both agricultural and non-agricultural products must be paid. The reporting requirements for both differ and the fees must be paid separately.
  3. Annual Renewal: Each product must be renewed annually and each time the label or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is changed, the registrant must submit a completed Revised Pesticide Label/SDS Submission Checklist along with a digital copy of the updated label.

Discontinuing a Product Registration

To ensure complete withdrawal from distribution or further use of a pesticide, a person who intends to discontinue a pesticide registration must do one of the following as required by Minnesota Statute:

  1. Terminate further distribution within the state and continue to register the pesticide annually for two successive years. The normal fees associated with product renewal must be paid for each of these two years.
  2. Initiate and complete a total recall of the pesticide from all distribution in the state within 60 days from the date of notification to the commissioner of intent to discontinue registration.
  3. Submit to the commissioner evidence adequate to document that no distribution of the registered pesticide has occurred in the state.